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For $700/hr contact a wellness specialist who will review your medical needs and create a plan of care that will lead to optimal health. Our specialists are doctors and nurse practitioners who can guide you through wellness tasks such as picking a health insurance company, choosing a medical provider, organizing a wellness screening schedule to reduce the risk of developing medical conditions, and/or provide a step by step personalized protocol to achieve your best health.
Standard Referral Consult
Pricing: $700

Consult with a specialist who is trained in patient to doctor matching. Finding the correct doctor is essential for optimal treatment and outcomes. Our specialist use advanced ranking systems to find the best doctor in your area for both the medical conditions and health insurance you have.

Standard Wellness Consult
Pricing: $700

Consult with a specialist who is trained in wellness optimizing. Our wellness team will help you understand what measures you should be taking in terms of health surveillance and maintenance in order to reduce risk of various medical conditions. In addition, general information on which diets and exercise programs would be best for you are offered.

Standard Health Insurance Consult
Pricing: $700

Consult with a specialist who is trained in health insurance selection. Navigating the health insurance system can be very tricky and our specialist will help you weight the pros and cons of various plans to find one that fits your needs.

Premium Wellness Consult
Pricing: $3,000

With the premium consult you will connect with one of our top wellness experts for a complete and comprehensive overhaul of your current health plan. From diet, choice in doctor, the type of environment you live, medications you take, clinical studies that you may qualify for, mental and emotional factors; everything will be reviewed, examined, and tweaked for your personal health needs. The goal of this consult is to get you in the best possible health and change the way you view wellness. We will teach you that wellness doesn't have to be boring or difficult. If you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco a specialist will be able to meet with you in person.

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Disclaimer: Our services are not to diagnose medical conditions, but to help you optimize your health. At this time wellness consults are only available to those living in California, but referral and insurance consults are available to anyone. Health insurance is not accepted.
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