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About us


Our guiding principles

Based around the foundational principles of trust, responsibility and transparency, Health.Online is an effort to serve the doctor-patient dynamic using the unique power of the internet.

What we do

At Health.Online we believe in the transformative power of information. Delivering accurate information in the hands of people and patients who can use it to make a healthy change, is what drives the Health.Online team. Our objective is to cut through the noise and dispel the disinformation that patients and users looking for healthcare information encounter on the web.

Who we are

We are part of a worldwide network of 150+ doctors and health professionals across a wide spectrum of speciality areas who connect the doctor's pen with the patient's needs.

Key contributors

  • Dr. Christine Traxler

    Speciality: Primary Care Doctor Location: Maryland, USA

  • Dr. Jessica Tilghman

    Speciality:Family medicine Location: Maryland, USA

  • Dr. Jose Castro

    Speciality: Internal Medicine, General Surgery, and Clinical Research Location: Philippines

  • Caroline Varriale

    Speciality: Physical Therapist and Sports Medicine Location: New York, USA

Editor’s note

Lynn Hamilton

Previous editor at The New York Times Location: New York, USA

We have profound respect for the doctor-patient relationship and believe that our work tries to enhance the way doctors and healthcare professionals service their patients. All additional knowledge that Health.Online looks to offer to users, is offered with the aim of making consultations more rewarding. When patients and their loved ones come with a better understanding of the circumstances and causes of any illness, it makes the work of treatment easier.